Sae Foho {Climb Mountain}

Meet Sara. Sara is a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer that lives about a 2 hour hike away if you are walking to her house from mine. (About an hour and a half the other way) To get to her house, you pretty much have to climb a mountain. I always think that the mountain is … Continue reading Sae Foho {Climb Mountain}


Bibi {goat}

During PST, I was voted MVP. But it's not what you think... "Most Vivatious Pet" owner.  You see, I had this thing with goats. I thought they were SO cool. There was a goat that spent most of its time watching our language class, and I quickly adopted her. I named her "Bibi Taco" or … Continue reading Bibi {goat}

FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}

​​​​ Fada is a mumba'e (the local dialect) word for "house". FADA is also a government program to get women more involved in developing themselves for work, their futures, and running for public office.  This year, elections were postponed due to a new rule: every Suku must have at least one woman running for public … Continue reading FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}


Udan Mae {Rain is Coming}

Things are starting to green up here in Ha'u-toho, what with the rainy season starting. 


Ha’u Ba Mau-Meta (I am going to the school in Mau-Meta)

I started making the weekly trek to a near-by village to hang out with some of the girls in my village. They still go to school, but they don't technically have class. They took their end of year exams two weeks ago, and now they just go to class, check in, give their oratations, clean … Continue reading Ha’u Ba Mau-Meta (I am going to the school in Mau-Meta)


Tuur Halimar {Sit and Play}

The Psychology of Sitting ... people in Western civilization no longer have time for each other, they have no time together, they do not share the experience of time. This explains why Westerners are incapable of understanding the psychology of sitting. In vilages all over the world, sitting is an important social activity. Sitting is … Continue reading Tuur Halimar {Sit and Play}