Fahe {Share}

Pictured: my favorite dog and 2 year old. They share breakfast every morning. The dog is just waiting for another bite to eat. This little girl loves this dog. If any other dog tries to get close to her during breakfast time, she cries. This.... Is a culture of sharing. Sharing food, moments, and gossip. … Continue reading Fahe {Share}


SISCA {Children Nutrition Program}

Once a month, the doctor and women and their children under five come to the Sede Suku (Community Building) to weigh in, have their arms measured and listen a little bit about nutrition.  In the picture above, you see some fabric (lipa) and a scale, they put the children in the lipa to weigh them, … Continue reading SISCA {Children Nutrition Program}

Halimar {Play}

On this day, I taught the kids how to make friendship bracelets. This is the quietest and still-est I have seen them. 


Sae Foho {Climb Mountain}

Meet Sara. Sara is a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer that lives about a 2 hour hike away if you are walking to her house from mine. (About an hour and a half the other way) To get to her house, you pretty much have to climb a mountain. I always think that the mountain is … Continue reading Sae Foho {Climb Mountain}


Bibi {goat}

During PST, I was voted MVP. But it's not what you think... "Most Vivatious Pet" owner.  You see, I had this thing with goats. I thought they were SO cool. There was a goat that spent most of its time watching our language class, and I quickly adopted her. I named her "Bibi Taco" or … Continue reading Bibi {goat}


FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}

​​​​ Fada is a mumba'e (the local dialect) word for "house". FADA is also a government program to get women more involved in developing themselves for work, their futures, and running for public office.  This year, elections were postponed due to a new rule: every Suku must have at least one woman running for public … Continue reading FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}


Udan Mae {Rain is Coming}

Things are starting to green up here in Ha'u-toho, what with the rainy season starting.