Fahe {Share}

Pictured: my favorite dog and 2 year old. They share breakfast every morning. The dog is just waiting for another bite to eat. This little girl loves this dog. If any other dog tries to get close to her during breakfast time, she cries. This.... Is a culture of sharing. Sharing food, moments, and gossip. … Continue reading Fahe {Share}


FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}

​​​​ Fada is a mumba'e (the local dialect) word for "house". FADA is also a government program to get women more involved in developing themselves for work, their futures, and running for public office.  This year, elections were postponed due to a new rule: every Suku must have at least one woman running for public … Continue reading FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}