How to: Make Bowangs


It is cold season, which means I set my alarm with every intention of waking up to go for my morning run, but instead, I wake up to a coldness that one wouldn’t think is possible in a small island that sits right on the equator. Oh, Timor, what a strange place you can be… The cold nipping at my toes is enough to keep me in bed as long as possible. But this morning, this morning was different.

ATAEK!” (reads like Atike) my mom calls. “ATAEK! Come here! Go buy green onions, today we will make bowangs”

I have never left my bed so fast. My mom said the magic word: Bowang. Bowangs are a dough-y pastry with cut up vegetables – but my favorite bowang being with green onions, and a sweet tomato hot sauce.

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Flour
  • Sugar (a pinch of sugar)
  • Water
  • Vegetables (Green onions are the best, but you can also put shredded carrots, cilantro, mint, or any other veggies you like)
  • Oil
  • A frying pan, we use a wok-like pan
  • A ladle for scooping the batter into your frying pan
  • A mixer
  • A spatula
  • A big mixing bowl
  • A place to put your fried pastries


First: Mix together the flour, sugar, and water. I can’t tell you measurements, but the goal is to get to a thick pancake-like batter. We use a big mixing bowl and put about 8 cups of flour, then add the sugar and water.

Second: cut up your vegetables. Again, my favorite to add is green onions, but feel free to get creative!

Third: Mix in your veggies into your batter, and begin to fry. We drop in the dough into hot oil, and fry to crispy brown. The batter will probably spread out and kind of assume the appearance of a pancake, which is completely normal and fine.


Fourth: Eat! I really enjoy eating these with either ABC sauce (which is a sweet soy sauce), or ai manas (chili). I make my own chili sauce by putting cut up hot peppers, sweet tomato ketchup and water into a bowl and mixing it together.





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