Bibi {goat}

During PST, I was voted MVP. But it’s not what you think… “Most Vivatious Pet” owner. 

You see, I had this thing with goats. I thought they were SO cool. There was a goat that spent most of its time watching our language class, and I quickly adopted her. I named her “Bibi Taco” or “Goat Taco”. 

She quickly made her way into our language curriculum. I talked about her (in Tetun) every chance I had. We became great imaginary friends!

Every time I walk to the school in Mau-Meta, I see a baby goat. One day, I decided I wanted to try and catch it. And I did! 

So now… I have this thing with catching and hugging goats. You see, personal touch isn’t really a thing when you are in the Peace Corps, and I definately miss hugs and bag rubs. But once I caught that goat, it was like I was hugging a baby! It was so nice! So now, when I walk to the school, I try to catch a goat to hug. Everyone watching thinks I am absolutely crazy, but who cares? I get a hug out of it!


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