FADA {Feto Association ba Dezevolvimentu iha Aileu}

Fada is a mumba’e (the local dialect) word for “house”. FADA is also a government program to get women more involved in developing themselves for work, their futures, and running for public office. 

This year, elections were postponed due to a new rule: every Suku must have at least one woman running for public office. I love this rule, and it is super progressive for a developing country. The fact that the US doesn’t have a rule like this says a lot for where this country is wanting to go. 

This was a two day training in which we covered public speaking, respecting yourself, believing in yourself, leadership, and domestic violence. 

I really enjoyed going to this training because it gave me the chance to understand what level most of the women are at in their lives. I also saw how eager the women were to learn about new skills that would help them in the future. 

Finally, I found it interesting that after the training was over, this government-funded training paid the individuals who came. It was a “transportation and time” stipend. Usually in the US, you have to pay for a training. Maybe we can incorporate this into US culture? 


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