Ha’u Ba Mau-Meta (I am going to the school in Mau-Meta)

I started making the weekly trek to a near-by village to hang out with some of the girls in my village. They still go to school, but they don’t technically have class. They took their end of year exams two weeks ago, and now they just go to class, check in, give their oratations, clean the school, and hang out. 

My good friend, Aplonia, goes to school year-round. Class starts at 11, she eats lunch at 3. School ends at 5, and she goes to school 6 days a week. She studies subjects like Music, Portugese, English, Economics, Civics, and about 10 other classes. 

I haven’t figured out how classes work, but I sure hope to! My fellow volunteer, Sara and I asked if we could help the English teachers with their classes. The teachers seem as excited as we are! 


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